WTB 2 Seimitsu LS-32 and shaft dust covers

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a couple of Seimitsu LS-32 sticks, preferably new. Balltop color isnt majorly important but I guess i would rather have white, blue, pink, or green. Need couple of shaft/dust covers. Need it ASAP


You can grab them here.

Pure Seimetsu parts:


Yea, i know i can order from there but I need it as soon as I can get it. So while i would normally order there, I need them asap, so if anyone has a couple i would appreciate it.

Thanks for mentioning me, DH020.

AMB, I’ve got dustcovers but no LS-32’s on hand right now, it’d have to be until next order.

ill sell you 2 LS-32-01 with the 5pin cables. and your choice of those 4 colors of ball tops. white blue pink or green. and im assuming you want it to be WHITE and BLUE
or PINK and GREEN.

ill do it for 40 shipped tommorow. and i accept paypal.

Well, I needed the LS-32 because it had the different mounting plate. I had a new control panel made for my candy cab and it welded screws to the bottem which is made for the sanwa jlf and the dimensions are pretty close for the ls-32. I also cannot find the right size male disconnects to crimp onto the 5 pin harness.

If you can see a way to make it work on my CP Ill buy ur sticks but otherwise I really need the ls-32

Thanks for the help though.

the ls32-01 is the same as a ls32

it has the same S shaped mount plate… its the exact same but it comes with a 5pin cable that is the same as sanwas… basicly if you have a cab with a sanwa and a 5pin cable you can put a ls32-01 in there with no trouble…

if you need them with a FLAT mount plate i can offer that as well.

thats the ls32…

this is the ls32-01

i can add the flat mounting plates to both for 3dollars extra if you want…

and on the male dissconnects they should be .187

i can wire the 5pins up to be that if you want…

hows 45shipped for all that.

Yea, if you can wire up the 5pins to the male disconnects that would be appreciated. I know they are the same but I didnt have the 5pin wired up yet so I thought I would just get ls-32 plus it had the mounting pate similar. But if you can I will take them. Give me your paypal and ill send payment soon as i can. If you dont mind could I get some pics of them.

Thanks a bunch.

ill pm you/