WTB 2 SF Anniversary sticks


I want to buy 2 Street Fighter Anniversary sticks for modding for myself and a friend. I’d prefer everything to be included (box, poster etc) and in nice condition, but my price depends on condition and if it is complete. Thanks!

Shipping zip is 95616


I got one but I already changed the buttons and stick to IL.
Doesn’t have poster either but it’s got the little manual and box though obviously not in perfect condition. I’ve posted pics of it on the joystick thread. I guess PM me if you’re interested as well as how much.


i have one. it is in very good condition with box and poster etc. i would like $100+shipping. let me know.


it sat in a hot attic and some glue from the bottom sticker came out. its dry, only on the bottom and isnt bad. heres a pic.


everything else about the stick is nearly perfect. heres a pic of the box open.


and i just sold 1 for $70


I’m in Dublin and have one in completely stock condition. I’m missing the bottom plate that keeps the cord in. We could meet up in the middle if you wanted.