WTB: 20-30GB Ipod

id like to buy an ipod perferrably a 30gb video because mine just broke…anyone have one theyd like to spare plz let me know thx

how much are you willing to pay for one?

i have a 30gb video white, only thing wrong with it is small scratches on the front and back. oh yeah and i dropped it once, so one of the corners isnt perfectly round :x.
looking to get rid of it in hopes of buying a new 80gig. i can post pics, tonight with a shitty camera phone, or tomorrow with a digital cam.

edit: took some pics

front - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i169/erikstanton/front.jpg
cant tell from the pic, but there are some small scratches on the surface.

back - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i169/erikstanton/back.jpg
regular scratches, nothing very deep. just from being handled regularly.

settings - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i169/erikstanton/info.jpg
Proof of 30GB VIDEO. as you can see its full, and i need more :stuck_out_tongue:

how much are you willing to let it go? id want to pay between $100-125 if thats cool with you since its used

also theres nothing wrong with playback right? my old ipod had a problem with songs that would just randomly freeze outta nowhere…some songs did and some didnt

edit - lol @ NIGGA songs

yeah dude. i dont have headphones included with it, if it matters to you or not. do you have aim or something, dont feel like checking on ehre just to talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:
but theres nothing wrong with it besides physical things like the scratches :stuck_out_tongue:

aim me at erikstanton@gmail.com if you can.

is $120 shipped good? i dont have aim atm so the only thing i can do is thru forums…lol

headphones is ok because i have the ones i used on my old ipod

ive got one too its 30 gigs white no problems comes with everything and also all the wires as well as a bunch of extra accesories i recently pre ordered an ipod touch so i dont need my old video anymore

how much do you want for them and what kind of extra accessories…i wont need anything but the ipod and MAYBE some headphones since i already have itunes and a case for it

maybe i could use an armband for when im working out or something

well if it were upto me id rather get rid of all the stuff together including the pod. i have the headphones the original AC charger.the software to take out music from ipods directly.(was like 30 buxx its called Xplay) so i could include all my music and u can keep what ud like and delete what u dont like without itunes its a simple click and drag thing.anyways also a car craddle. and well if i can find it a coach case my ex gave me for it haha

sounds very good, sir. what would you need with it? usb cord? i think thats all it comes with, usb cord and headphones. but pm me and let me know if you still want it.