WTB: 24mm buttons, more

I still need a 30mm screwin white/red Sanwa/Seimetsu button.

Also after a cheap Xbox live headset, since mine is broken.

Reply here, or PM or AIM me.

Bump, still hurtin for some 24mm screwins.

<3 Raeli. :stuck_out_tongue:
You are a lucky, lucky person. I have 2 24mm seimitsu white screw ins, used.

I will love you long time. How much do you want?

love me long time? um… in a platonic way? of course! :stuck_out_tongue:
um… there are some solder left on the pins if you plan to solder it. 5 shipped for everything?

Sure thing, PM me your paypal address.

And yeah, platonic.

This thread is closed unless raeli has something to say.