WTB 24mm Dark hai's (they're rare or something...)


I’m looking for 2 to 4 buttons, the 24mm Sanwa black rim with the grey center.

I think they were used on a HORI stick, one of the Hrap’s i think…
Or the all grey button from the HORI V3 SA (its the little grey button on your right)

Let me know if you’ve got some for sale, and how much you want for them.


Yes, only the HRAP 2 SA has those Buttons.


god… I love jdm714… so much knowledge…

if anyone is selling the buttons or would take cash and some white obsf-24’s in trade let me know, i’ll figure out something.
Really want these.


Trugoy, it’s a bit more expensive of an option, but you could buy a Hori V3 SA and steal the button off of that. Or try to get the Start button off of those from other people. They use a Sanwa button that if I’m not wrong, is entirely gray, the same shade of gray as the Dark Hai plungers. jdm714 can correct me if I’m wrong.


mmmm… nice call Ikagi-chan… updating first post… thanks