WTB: 2x custom wire harnesses for my Blast City bezel / control panel


Ok guys, I’m in the home stretches getting this 2-player setup finished. Wiring was done locally for the MC Cthulhu, Imp, 360 PCB, and RJ-45 output / jack for both sides. He also did the wiring for the JLFs and buttons…I just want something, now, that is super aesthetically pleasing, in addition to working perfectly.

Now I “just” need an awesome wire harness for both sides going from the MC to the JLFs and the buttons. I want something that looks REALLY nice and is super clean / not cluttered so incorporating tech flex and heat shrink would be awesome as well a insulated quick connects for attaching to the buttons.

Here are a couple of pics of what you will be working with. I can take as many photos (with / without a ruler) as you would like, so you can see all relevant dimensions. I have zero problems connecting the wiring harnesses once I have them, I just don’t have the equipment / knowledge needed to put them together nicely.

Please shoot me a PM with what you can do. Thanks!!



Okay, I can do that.


Nice! Pm’d



Looking good. BTW, Focus Attack sells pre-wired and insulated quick disconnect cables for your buttons and stick harnesses for cheaper than what I’d charge to do it. Don’t be lazy, I believe in you.


Ha! Thanks and I can definitely make something that’ll work (I’ve done a bunch of audio DIY stuff), but I just can’t make it look pretty. That’s where I want to leverage someone else’s abilties.

I appreciate the vote of confidence, though.



Bump! Douche jdm714 flaked…



Never mind. I ended up doing it myself and I think it turned out really nice!: