WTB: 2x HRAP3 (black or white)

I’ve just been screwed over by Games-asia.com, and have put in a dispute to retrieve my money. And unfortunately Play-asia.com claim it could be 5-15 days before they dispatch their HRAP 3 white (not quick enough).

Does anyone have any HRAP 3’s for sale, or know where I can get one? I live in Australia.


look around next time. this thread was on the first page.

Read my post next time. I’m after 2, he’s selling 1.

Did you even read the thread? He says he has 7 in one of his recent posts

he just needs to go read. he said to ask about hrap3s.

Nah just read the initial post - he obviously hasn’t updated numbers there. I’ll read through the rest of the thread, thanks!

Edit: Awesome, I’ve contacted the seller. I should have taken the time to read right through straight-up, but I’m a bit wired/annoyed about having to chase down these idiots at Games-asia.com to get my money back. What a royal pain in the arse. :frowning:

Me too, that games-asia place was a nightmare.

this is why i only order from places that i know and i normally don’t ever order from stores based in Asia

Harsh, but I’m seeing your logic, based on this experience. :wink: