WTB - 2x White Seimitsu PS-14-D or DN Model


Hi guys…if anybody could hook me up with these buttons id really apreciate it…have paypal as a form of payment and shipping would be to 78521. I would buy from some of the other guys that are selling seimitsu parts (glgaz or per)…but i think it would be a little too much just to order for two buttons :confused:

thanks in advanced, and hopefully somebody will have two of these lying around


uh, err, theres a dood that specifically sells these here; search the forums


As it happens I do have two spare PS-14-DN white, asking $10 USD including shipping for them (not really worth my time dispatching for less).


Actually strangely enough, I wouldn’t mind two of those buttons either, I’m not going to nudge in on your thread, but if theres someone else who has 2 of these, or you change your mind I’m also in interested in buying 2.
That said the postage would be to Australia, though wouldn’t be much for that weight I’d assume.


PM and payment sent mayhem :smiley:

Bumping thread for Lokiprophet :smiley: