WTB: 3.5v SFAC PCB or psx analog/ps2 pcb

Hi, so I just got my SFAC stick and opened it up to find it has a 8v pcb, which doesn’t work with any 360 converters. Looking for a 3.5v one or a regular psx analog pcb/ps2 pcb or just a SFAC pad pcb that I can put in there instead, although I would much prefer the 3.5v. I’m garbage with soldering so the pcb has to have wires already soldered on, preferably with the .187 quick disconnects but I can crimp those on myself. Pretty much looking for something I can just drop in the stick and have it work.Looking to pay around 20 bucks, let me know if this is reasonable or not. Thanks a lot.

Just want to mention that if you plan to use the BlazePro 360 converter, you’ll need an analog button (for guide) and the SFAC pcb doesn’t have it.

I have a PS2 SFAC Fightpad PCB for sale in my thread, if you’re interested in it. Feel free to check: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=211385 PCB will come with the original controller shell, and even the original box it came in, if you want it.

I have a few pics available on request, as well.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: , but I got a Xconverter 360 so it should work with that.

Quick bump, anyone at all have an extra 3.5v pcb they’re trying to get rid of?