WTB: 3 new or used 30mm green snap ins sanwa

Will offer between 5-8 shipped depending on new or used.


i have some new ones… and 8 shipped sounds fine.

how will you be paying sir.? paypal please make it 8.25

Hey man! Whats up, been a bit since we last spoke, how you been?

Sounds good, do you happen to have any pinks as well, just curious, they arent really needed. Will send payment as soon as the transfer clears. Good stuff.


yeah man i got a full set of six pinks and a pink ball top? wanna buy them?

yeah man i been doing pretty good just buildin shit and gaming alot… all hyped up for ggxxAC

How much can you do 3 pink, 3 green shipped for? I need them for my astro city.


Oops posted on my friend’s screen name this is THC still

well id rather not part out the pink set. also the pinks is screw ins and greens are snaps… well itll be fine for your cabinet.

id let a set of six pink and a pink ball top and 3 greens go for 21shipped with paypal if thats cool for you.

thats a pretty price there i think.