WTB : 30mm Sanwa buttons

Anyone have one for sale at a decent price or am I gonna have to buy it brand new?

just buy it brand new i DOUBT anyone will sell it

New request…

Need three black or dark hai (prefer black though) and white Sanwa buttons. Prefer to buy all from one seller. Must be 30mm and must be snap ins. Thanks in advance!

I have a set of Sanwa Dark Hai’s for sale in my thread.

Ive for 8 white for sale.

Sorry guys. I’m not really trying to buy a set of buttons that I don’t need just to get a few that I do need. I’m really just looking to see if anyone has loose buttons laying around.

Alright…, no longer interested in the Darh Hai’s. Still want 3 blacks and 2 whites though. Please hit me up if you have these for sale.