WTB: 360 Console

One of my friends 360 died, and he is looking for a replacement. Post up the offers.

I havn’t used mine in weeks since I got my PS3, im willing to sell it.

Not sure what the going rate is these days… 360 console, one wireless controller, one wired controller, Wireless Internet Attachment and the following games:

Enchanted Arms
Phantasy Star Universe
Assassin’s Creed
Command&Conquer3: Tiberium Wars

I think I have a few other games but I just can’t remember what I have now… Plus a few games in the arcade which i THINK are still playable if you create a new XBOX ID on the console, even if I delete mine off… Including SF2, Poker, Spades, and a crapload of other random stuff.

Im not sure what a good price for all this is, and/or if he wants the game… How about an offer?

EDIT: Meh I guess the rules say I need to put up a price else I get an infraction :stuck_out_tongue: With a quick look on ebay…

how about 300$ (+ shipping costs)? I forget the HDD size but it was the Premium version when I purchased it about 2 years ago - if you have an interest when I get home from work Ill get the nitty-gritty details.

^lies. this is not for sale. Stop trying to sell my shit.

i believe he means the console itself without any controllers or stuff

meh… i’d only want to sell the entire package… besides, I really don’t have any idea what my stuff is actually worth :stuck_out_tongue:

wtf, you’re selling all that for 300? o_O

talk about a steal

Ha, could be a first generation time bomb. :rofl: If it’s a falcon it’s DEFINITELY a steal. I’d pick it up if I didn’t want a new monitor.

well how much would just a console go for?

It’s an original I think… It was already sent back once due to the RRoD and had the new heatsink thingie put on it - not sure how much of a problem that is… I havn’t had any other problems with it since and it’s gotten plenty of use.

I guess ill post it up tonight with my games and sell them individually if I have to, or as a package if there’s enough interest in it… It’s just wasting space in my entertainment center now…

yea cause joey put that thread up for me cause i had forgotten my login and password but yea let me know how much just the console since thats all i need! =/

just the console w/ no controllers/cables or anything?

i can do $200 shipped. i think it’s a refurb so everything should be cool.

i have an elite with extras and some games. pm me if interested.

I have a 360 arcade. New in box/Unopened…I still got the receipt so you get that warranty for 3 years.

I already told you I’d cop that for 300. Stop being ghey.