WTB 360 Controller PCB / Hori Fight Stick VX PCB (360 ver.)


It’s a longshot, but I’m looking for a Hori Fight Stick VX PCB for the Xbox 360 version.

Or, if anyone has a regular 360 controller PCB that can be used in a dual mod, please PM me so I can buy it off your hands.

Please send me a PM if you happen to have one.


Bump, also looking for a 360 controller PCB of any kind for a dual mod.


i’m interested in one too.


This seems like a decent price for MadCatz ones:


$18 bucks

I’ve never bought video game stuff off Woot! but I’ve bought other stuff from them with no issues (PC’s, DVDs, Gadgets, etc.)



i’d stay away from that one if i were y’all, i had alot of trouble padhacking it. that variation of the pad uses separate grounds for all of its signals so it won’t work in a dual mod setup. your local gamestop should have a mcz 360 fightpad that is common ground and a breeze for dual mods.


hi silly question the pcb of the xbox controller is just the insides rite ?if so i have one if your interested