WTB: 360 or Dual-Modded TE, trade offers inside

I’m re-entering the fighting game scene after a long hiatus, and would like to start over with a good stick for a change. Any TE stick will suffice, as long as it runs on a 360. I’m interested in a dual-mod, but I’ll take a vanilla stick, as well. I live in Southern California.

I also have some things for trade to potentially reduce the cost as my entertainment budget is extremely low at the moment. I have a DS Lite in good condition for trade, and a Limited Edition Bayonetta strategy guide from Future Press. This guide was not sold in the US, and usually sells for around 250$ used. Due to an accident in a recent move, the last page of the book is slightly bent, but otherwise it’s in good condition.

Regardless, please contact me with whatever you’ve got, as I’m trying to get all of this set up in time for KOF13.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I also have a Hori Wii Fighting stick for sale (laugh all you want), if anyone’s interested.

Hey SSJ Hibiki,

I got a Round 1 TE for sale that is dual modded for sale: SE Brawlstick case/Dual Modded TE/ etc

Will send you a PM too.

I have a MVC3 TE that’s modded for 360/PS3/Dreamcast/PC.

How much do you want to sell it for, and where are you located?

$210 shipped from East Lansing.

I have a R1 360 TE & a R1 dual modded(it was only used to test out the ChImp).