WTB 360 OR PS2 PCB (already wired would be great)


Hi, I’m looking for a 360 or a PS2 pcb that’s already wired with QDs and have the 5pin connector to a JLF. My 360 TE’s pcb kinda went out and I’d like to avoid going the Madcatz support route and get a new PCB that won’t go out in a few months.

Shipping would be to 48104. Any replies or PMs would be appreciated. Thanks!


I think this guy has what your’e looking for.


I was considering that but I’m kinda looking for one with a 5pin JLF connector harness already installed. I might take up that route if I can’t find anyone with one though. :slight_smile:


i’ve got a gamestop ps2 pcb and some disconnects/jlf harness from a vlx i could splice together if youre interested. 12 shipped?




YES. pm’d.


bump, still looking. ps2 pcb would be great!


pm sent


Bumping an old thread. I’m looking for another PSX/2 PCB with a 5-pin JLF harness on it. I have another stick project that the PCB needs to go into. Thanks!