Decided I really don’t need a dual mod if its more cost effective to get a 360 padhack for cheaper than the PS360+.

If anyone has something like this, please let me know.

Also looking for a copy of PS3 Tales of Graces f if anyone has it.



Looking for any 360 PCB from a SE or TE, or any really that is compatible with qd’s and the such.


I could build you one that is just ready for you to put into your case.


Yenjoi’s your man, man. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome. Would it be built so that I can run a Toodles Cthulu with it too?

Trying to go the 360 PCB/Cthulu path for a while because I’ve heard about way too many issues with the PS360+, and I don’t want to deal with any of those issues.


What systems are you going to be primarily running this on?


Just 360 and PS3. It could be fine with just 360 too, since I play PS3 at home and only need 360 for sessions I go to in my scene. It would just be an added convenience to be able to play both systems with the same stick, but I don’t mind just carrying different sticks.


Okay so here is what I can do for ya.

35 for 360 build
60 for 360 & ps3 build

This is what its going to cost you :frowning:

Pm me and we can discuss this a little more