Wtb 360 pcb + Wts stuff... te case . incomplete brawl pad hack

The cases will not include buttons or joystick
Marvel te is also used just the case… Has a little flip switch in it. Asking 40 shipped
A brawl pad that wasnt complete … 13.00 shipped
85.00 for everything.


Update …

Also selling a two player mas 120.00 ships will add pics tonight .

Legos sold

will be addin hori vlx for 300 obo …no box just stick


Everything is priced.

Does the VLX come with the board?

Board as in pcb ? Yes its all original for the 360

I’m pretty sure he was referring to the black wooden stability board.<br>

Oh neh just the stick

Yes I was.

Pics of MAS?

Both Halo 4 discs? And  do they install correctly? I need another copy

I’ll have pics of the Mas up later…and yes its both halo 4 disc also price drop for the hori 290.00

Forgot it has glue on the corner from a chip

What console(s) is the MAS?