WTB: 360 Stick-Shell+PCB


Hi! I’m new to SRK, but not to fighting games.

My dual-modded hand built stick was busted to pieces out of revenge for breaking up with my now ex-girlfriend. I still have all the buttons and the stick itself… but unfortunately the case and PCB are completely beyond repair.

Really would prefer an SE shell, but at this point I’ll buy any shell+pcb that can fit sanwa.

So I’m looking to buy an SE Fightstick or just the Shell and PCB from an SE or TE (prefer SE since it’s cheaper). Or, ANY shell+pcb that works for 360. My price range is pretty limited but I’ll see what I can muster up. Just let me know your price.


PM sent


Still looking for something. Changed to also looking for the case by itself if anyone has one for cheap.


i got a se for sale 50 plus shipping. let me know if that’s cool with you. it’s all stock and hasn’t been used in nearly 2 years.


PM sent