WTB - 360 TE Arcade Stick

As title states, Im looking to pick up a TE arcade stick for my 360. Looking to pay about $100. Will pay more for extras and what not. Would love a local Northern NJ or Boston (split my time between both) sale if possible. Thanks in advance. Don’t care about which edition.

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I have one brand new but I’m asking for 120 shipped…lemme know if interested.

ill buy it for 120 slaycruz

lol…what a stick blocker…

@ chuu Lmao

I might have one for you, original TE, box and extra art. I work in Newark and drive rt 80 back to PA so I am all over NJ. Would be looking for $120 but If I’m not shipping let’s talk.

Another stick blocker Lmao jk

People need to respect the topic creator. In other forums. That could warrant an infraction/warning :confused:

Just pm the person or create a thread. respect the community bro.

Are you guys talking to me? I am responding to the topic creator. He wants a TE in NJ and I have one.

@ jhferry I was just joking…u are in NJ… so that would probably work better. I have one brand new in a box unopened I’m trying to get rid of since I don’t have a 360…redd09 is being a lil touchy bout it lol

@Jhferry PM replied.

For rest of thread. No harm at all. If someone else can find a stick through my thread, all the better.

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We’ve been seeing more and more reports about members being treated shady in both WTB and WTS threads. It has always been the sellers choice on who he wants to sell to, at the same time the buyers on where he/she wants to shop at/buy from. In the case of jacob he could of made his own thread though, do that next time.

I have an rj-45 moded r1 te. asking $175 shipped. pm if interested.

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Thank you for the offer but that is a bit more than I really need. I only have a 360 so the RJ45 is a bit overkill.

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Not touchy or anything. It’s just I trade and sell other stuff on multiple sites and it’s frowned upon to publicly post on someone else’s thread when they haven’t gotten their item.

But seems like shoryuken members are fine with it.

I bought a stick yesterday, if I receive it in the mail and you haven’t gotten a stick by then, I will sell you mine for a solid price.

Best of luck

All I just picked up a TE stick. Found one on Craigslist for $60 bucks in pretty good shape. Too good of a deal to pass up. Thank you to all that offered me sticks. Thread can be closed if you guys do that sort of thing.