WTB: 3DO Controllers


Found the 3DO system but now I am looking for some extra controllers. Keep getting sniped on eBay and would really like a 6 button pad for the system but I am looking for any at all. Let me know what you have and I’ll have my paypal ready.


i have one for sale, not sure what it’s worth.
it’s a Panasonic FZ1 with a regular controller and a bunch of games. i’ll edit my post with the list of games.





Sent you a PM


System and games arrived today, they all work perfect. Thanks, would leave you a rating but I can’t find the link to do that anymore.


excellent, good to hear. enjoy the system…


Looking for controllers now, would really like a 6 button pad but looking for any at all.


I dont know if they ever made a six button pad for the 3do. I have seen personally a MAS style two player controller though, but I’ve only ever seen ONE.

With that said, since I got serial working properly on the MC, there is a very very good chance of 3do support in the MC Cthulhu in time. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, so I dont know how long though; 2 months at best I figure.

You should also keep an eye out for SNES->3do converters. The communication is very similar, so there were a ton of them out there back in the day.


i haven’t tried it myself but here you go…

i love the 3do one of the best system i owned! You should get Star Control II


So far I have come across two different 6 button 3DO pads but both have been very hard to track down and go for crazy prices on eBay. I may look at the Tototek converters since I use them for my NeoGeo and TG-16, I’m just one of those collectors that likes to have all original pads/accessories/etc. for my older systems.


Capcom made a Soldier Pad for that right, the 6-button jobber that hold one handed?


Yes that is one that I found, the Capcom fz-jj1xp and then there is a more traditional 6 button pad made by some third party (maybe Hori?) There is also an 8 button fight stick but I have never come across one and from what I understand the costs are nuts.