WTB 4-way controller for Xbox 360 HELP

I need a dedicated 4-way controller for my xbox 360.
I need it for Pac-Man Championship Edition.

Let me know if you can mod a stick to work.
I have a Hori EX2, if you can mod that and make it a 4 way,
or some other solution, I can gladly compensate for this service.


I would love some of that compensation. Do you have a JLF stick?

Here is what I recommend.

"Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable

This is an awesome Japanese joystick, using high-quality construction and micro-switches, it is adjustable for 4 and 8 way operation. Ideally suited for metal or wood control panels. Non-standard mounting holes for panels with tight spaces, and also a perfect fit for Nintendo control panels. Incorporates Sanwa’s simple “screw-on” ball handle design, and a unique pcb-mounted switch design with wiring harness. No need to run a ground wire to all the switches! Includes installed mounting plate, wiring harness, shaft disk and ball top color of your choice from the Sanwa LB-35’s listed below.

From the Lizardlick website.

I have put on in an Ex2 before.

Lizardlick is sold out, I know I need to buy one for my Wireless Ex2, I will just have to wait. You can possibly find it on another site.

Sorry Hozie but the JLF sucks for 4-way as you can still hit the diagonals.

not true.

dude you still hit up+left, etc. That defeats the point of a 4 way stick as PacMan does not recognize diagonals. Hitting up-left and shifting to left will not get recognized as a left direction. The game will simply not recognize the input at all. This is why the JLF sucks in 4-way mode. Put a Seimitsu LS-33 in your Hori EX2. It is the easiest joystick to install in a very small case anyway.

if you rotate it that way, it should be 4 way.

so who can do this mod for me? and where can I get an LS-33?

OKay I found a place to order the LS-33, so can anyone install it into my Hori EX2 for me?

yeah but you can still hit the diagonals even when you have the gate in 4 way mode :frowning:

sorry to hijack your thread caligvla

just use a classic wico stick. or a semitsu stick. their 4 way gates make it so u cant hit diagonals.

The JLW is good for 4 way too but the Seimitsu LS-33 is the best fit for the Hori EX2

I ordered an LS33
how do I put it in or can some one put it in for me?

skipped LS-33

this real classic arcade! just $10.95 US dollar. I never try this.
buy it from lizardlick.com


Tutor modding with Hori Ex2


for Lizard Lick 2, 4, & 8 Way Red Ball Handle Leafswitch Joystick