WTB: (4) White or Dark Hai Sanwa 30mm Snap-in Buttons + JLF + (2) 30mm Hole-Plugs


Looking to buy (4) White or Dark Hai Sanwa 30mm snap-in buttons and a Sanwa JLF joystick. (SE stick drop in replacement) & (2) Sanwa Hole-Plugs.

Either used or new. As long as they are functioning and still working properly.

Preferably you’re from Canada but if you’re from USA that’s also OK.

Please PM me with a price w/ shipping to Canada included.





we have those at cipher12 but shipping is quite hefty since we have to use international priority mail via usps.



never bought from you guys but I’ve heard good things. Anyways, any idea on exactly how much shipping to Canada, ON (cheapest method) would be for the whole lot I’m looking for?


Paypal 48$ to naregnemyes@gmail.com and I can take care of those items for you. Also note whether you prefer dark hai or white.


try infamouskid he’s local and thats were i get all my stuff


ok well looks like there are a lot of people helping you :smile: well i can get it to you 6-10 days for sure but it’ll cost $60.39. It’s expensive because it’s priority. For first class, I would have to estimate it at the post office and get back to ya. You can go with nareg or try infamouskid if you can’t wait. From what I see, nareg is probably more reliable than infamous. Not to speak badly of infamous but reviews i’ve seen of him are inconsistent. One thing for sure though is that he’s local but I don’t know how accessible he’ll be. Good luck bro!


I can vouch for Nareg @ gamingnow.net. He’s super quick with shipping too.


I can vouch for narg aswell orderd from him Monday and recieved it wendsday an I’m in ct he is in Cali