WTB 45mm Balltops (Seimitsu LB-45 or others)

Anybody have any 45mm balltops?? Or know where to get them? Preferably, I’d like to get a yellow lb45 from seimitsu, so if you have some or a good place to get them, please let me know. thanks

I wish ponyboy had some 45mm’s, but it looks like he doesn’t stock those. And I wasn’t sure when akihabara was going to do another order, but if it’s soon, that’s where I’ll go.

I have a blue sparkle one you can have for 25.

I know it’s overpriced, but I don’t exactly want to sell it either.

I have some 45mm yellow from Seimitsu (at home, not used).

2 x Yellow
3 x Pink
2 x Blue
2 x White

hmmm you think i could grab 1 of the 45mm pink ones along with the ps-14-k added to my order?

How much for a yellow and white one? Also, if have any of these on hand too, I’d like to add some sanwa buttons (say 4-5 yellow screw ins and 2 orange and 2 green) and an ls 32 (white top, not sure if I want the 01 or regular yet). Thanks!

I could maybe do some trading too. I have a myoungshin fanta, and taeyoung I probably won’t use. I have a bunch of Crown sticks and buttons too.

This would be sent from Sweden as it is from my personal stash, not Japan (sorry).

I just have the balltops for sale right now, sorry. Let me know.