WTB: 6 Arcade panel Carriage Bolt (Sega Panel - Astro/Blast City)


Hey there,

I’m looking for a set of 6 Carriage bolts to hold down a panel on an astro city cab.

I believe they are M4 16mm carriage bolts. My local Ace hardware doesn’t carry them this small. I know I can always use a regular Bolt and nut, but I’d rather thave the proper carriage bolts for my cabs.

If you have an extra set, please let me know what you’d like for them shipped to 32301.



Whoa! Same here, you saved me a trip to Ace hardware. Have you tried home depot or lowes hardware store? If you haven’t checked those places out, I might go and do that.


i MIGHT have extra. let me check.

edit: negative, only found 1. free bump for you though.


Maybe try eBay.


I believe these are the ones used on sega panels…

Im about to order some myself haha


They are the same ones. Those are a bit too pricey though (for only carriage bolts lol)