WTB: 6 button korean case

I want to buy a wooden case for korean joysticks with 6 button layout (either korean or viewlix/sega). will consider trades.

sticks sold. posting more parts in a few days.

price drop

Ooo…zeetes, you have no idea how much I wish I had money right now. That Namco looks freaking tasty! Just curious though, what sort of crazy buttons did you replace the gray Start/Select buttons with? Those look tight!

i also would snatch up that namco if this werent the worst of times

they are the stock l1/l2 buttons, i salvaged a really badly abused namco and built this one out of a case that is in awesome shape. the grey buttons were fairly scuffed up so i used them on my other stick until i get around to vinyl dye them. so there is no l1/l2 buttons on this namco (not that they are usually used)

price drop!

Does the modded namco ps1 stick have L1 and L2 buttons or are they just holes?

they are holes

looking for a korean case

price drops.

still looking for the case

yawn. case for korean stick where are you…

pm sent

pm sent about the sticks.

sticks sold