WTB 6 psone/psx PCB's

I’m looking to buy atleast 6 psone/psx PCBs, wired/soldered properly would be great and much appreciated. Please send pm if you have any at all you’re willing to sell, THANK YOU!


How soon do you need them? If you’re not in a rush to get them, I can do them for you. For 6 ps1 digital pcbs, how does $100 + shipping sound? Examples of my work…


Zombie cpt does excellent work.

I second that, I have a pre-hacked 360 pad, works like a charm.

Oh yea zombie, I was being stupid, there are common grounds, I wasn’t familiar with the JLF harness, how it has one ground. xD

cool cool, thank you zombie for letting me know whats good, and thanks guys for lookin out. :tup: