WTB: 6 TE top panel screws + mounting screws

Hey guys, I am in need of 6 top panel screws for the TE, and the screws needed to mount the stick to the top panel… I misplaced them while attempting to install my LS32 (had the wrong plate lol).

If you can help me out please name your price, the faster I can get it the better, though I don’t want to pay a crazy amount of shipping for some screws right now. lolol


I might be totally wrong but you should be able to buy these at a local hardware store.

I think you might be right about that, though I’d probably have to buy them in bulk if I went to the hardware store…and besides that, I don’t know the size of the screws used to mount the JLF/LS32 to the top panel. xD

Focusattack has a set of mounting screws for the JLF for like $1.25.

Thanks Chad! I can’t believe I didn’t notice those when I checked Focus Attack earlier. Looks like a trip to the hardware store will be in order for tomorrow, and if I fail, FADC.

The screws that you need are M4 size, and the ones that come with the TE are ~13mm long. M4 screws are used for mounting the stick (via its mounting plate) to the TE panel, and the ones in that come stock are ~9mm and have washers. Also, let it be known that the length mentioned for such screws is, as far as I know, generally the threaded length as well (and that’s what my measurements are giving).

Also, the kit that’s on Focus Attack is for attaching a mounting plate to a JLF, not for the other applications mentioned.

I hope that helps!

Thanks blueNINE, I always forgot the measurements for the top panel screws, I’m going to take a trip to the hardware store tomorrow, hopefully I’ll come back with everything I need. I sent jmanDMC of Focus Attack a message about the JLF kit, hopefully he’ll say it fits for the LS-32 as well! I have a feeling they will, but I just want to be sure. xD

Not sure if they still do, but you were able to call Madcatz and get replacement top panel screws for free. I got a new set of 6 in the mail about 3-4 days after I called.

I tried that before when I had my Round 1 TE and got nothing. Thanks though!

Home depot sells their m4 12mm for about a dollar each for a 2pk. So about 3 dollars for them. They also have the m4 8mm you need for the mounting. Everytime I go to home depot I always pick up a few just in case.

Thanks for the help BartStation, everyone.

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You need them as well?