WTB 7-11 slurpee straws


No 7-11’s in Minnesota, I’m hearing these slurpee straws are a good fit for a Sanwa shaft cover. Anyone with a local 7-11 willing to send a few in an envelope? Looking for a gold, green, red and blue one. Willing to pay $10 shipped for the four, makes you a few bucks.


Oh damn that is a good idea, I’m gonna pick some up!




Oh, those metal straws right?


Yup, thread done, Meus hooked me up. Thanks man.


Yes, those metal straws fit perfect.
I have them right next to me at moment. :wgrin:


I’d be really interested in finding out exactly what straws these are, and how you’re fitting em


All fireatwill’s idea, he posted it in the “Check out my arcade stick” thread.


no that’s innovative! i got like 3 7-11’s around me…don’t ask me why. imma go hunting tomorrow and grab as much as i can. anyone know if these are still around in stores?


I could see this being very useful for LS-32 shaft covers.


Oh dude…I just went to 7-11 because my pregnant wife had a craving for a spicy chicken sandwich from Carl’s Jr. Thought they were free, but turns out they are 99 cents each at the front counter. I was the only one in there and the cashier looked at me like WTF? because I came in, picked up the straws to look at them, then left. Anyways…I know where to get some now 3 minutes from my house!


Yes, the metal straws are not free.

Did you come back to pay?


Oh no…didn’t need any haha


How you cuttin’ these things? I might pick a few up.


Oh wow, I need to check my local 7-11 :smiley:


If you want a clean-cut you’ll probably need to use an electrical saw.


AKA something I don’t have. >:(


I’m not sure about how thick the aluminum is on the straw but I’m guessing it won’t be that thick. If you don’t have access to power tools and you still want a clean cut, you can try using a simple hacksaw. Most people have one of these in their homes. Hopefully, lol.


Yeah, I got one of those. lol.


this is a good idea. thanks for the tip.