Wtb 8 Seimitsu violet ps-14-kn/ 4 24mm black screw ins

i want to buy 8 of these in new or in good condition if not ill order it from gamingnow .net when i make my next order just not sure if they will look right on the stick thats y i am asking here 1st:), also need 4 24mm black screw ins


also if some 1 has these could you tell me if they would go good with this case?

if not ill use my 8 clear buttons

I have 8 of the PS-14-KN in the purple and 3 of the PS-14-GNC in black/white (http://www.gamingnow.net/images/brimwhite.jpg)

$40 shipped (im verified on paypal)

let me know

what condition are they in? and i do not need the black ones also do you think it would go with dark purple?

i should have mentioned that beforeā€¦

they are brand new and never been used. i bought them from akihabara a few months ago for a project and decided to go with snap-ins.

the buttons in person are a rich purple. the picture you posted shows them much lighter than they really are.