WTB: 8x Hori Kuro buttons (White), Hori Hayabusa balltop (White)


Just recently decked out one of my FS Pros with the black set of Hayabusa/Kuro parts and I dig the fuck out of the feel. Unfortunately Hori sucks and isn’t selling any of the gear in white. If you have these parts available, I’m willing to offer a fair price for them.

(Side note: If you’d prefer to sell the entire Hayabusa stick along with the white balltop, I’m open to that as well. I’d be buying one anyway.)

Completed transactions:
MadCatz FightStick PRO Evo 2012 Edition (360) - MauiWowie85
MadCatz TE Turbo Panel (360) - Sonic Immora
Amp Up Customs metal panel + plexi - B-boy Tekken
MadCatz TE empty enclosure + misc parts - Mufasa2


if you are really hard up for them, but a white fighting edge and throw your black buttons in it and resell it and pay a little higher than asking price for the buttons. or just wait it out. i believe i heard hori is going to sell other colors besides black down the road.


I figured as much, but it would’ve been nice to have them now. I know Focus Attack and a couple other suppliers have inquired as to when, and Hori hasn’t given anyone a straight answer (which implies a ways down the road).


I have all of these things and could sell them, but I live in Canada. :confused:


How much is shipping usually? I know things take time to clear but I’m not in a hurry.


Hori told me straight up that they have no plans to release other colors.


i could be smoking crack but i thought i remember emailing hori and they said they were going to release them eventually.



They replied around March. Maybe their plans changed if you asked after that.


They’re idiots if they don’t – they’re already shipping black, white, green, red, blue and yellow… so clearly they have the ability to just Order More and Sell Them.


I feel ya, bro. I want a white FE balltop too. IMO it’s the purest white balltop.


As pure as sako’s execution :wink: