Wtb: 8x30mm. 2x24mm & joystick- used or mad catz stock


just wanna pick up a set of buttons and a joystick.

kinda trying to be cheap for a minute so I’m happy with something used or even the stock buttons from a madcatz would be cool too. any color snap or screw
m more than happy to clean micro switches just so long as the plastic on the plungers isn’t cracked

thanks for checking- post if u can help

shipping to 47304. PayPal


I got sanwa buttons pulled out from an MVC2 stick if you’re interested. x6 yellow sanwa 30 snaps and x2 white sanwa snaps.

No joystick or 24mm buttons though. I do have the yellow ball top that came with it though.


sure how much do u want for them?

i even have some kid robot sf figures I’d trade for the stuff i need.
ken blue
blanka green