Wtb a custom happ stick


I want a used custom happ stick…
I’ll be willing to to trade My lunar collection 1&2
or my naruto box set 1-5…or both if the stick is awesome

I’ll even spend cash whatever just give me some offers…




I know that nooob ha…

I just want a pre made custom thats used and i dont feel like spending so much money and wait time…


if you dont have atleast $150 to spend i wouldnt recommend trying to get a custom stick.


Omg what are you talking about???
I have the money to buy any fancy stick… I’m just asking
if anyone wants to trade thier custom stick for that junk I have…
or any good offers… I wasn’t asking to get a custom done…
do you see the difference???


Wow… This will be unsuccessful, I foresee, especially with your attitude. James was trying to be helpful.


eh it happens a lot when people try to be helpful.

if you want a custom stick its better to talk to the stick makers and such. also i have some happ parts u can buy from me at a big discount from other vendors (cuz they used to be in my stick of course =\ )


They guy before him made more sense and he just left a link…
He is really not trying to be helpful…He is just being a “troll” lol
Besides what he is saying is very pointless…

anyways dont post if you dont have any offers…
Just trying to get a good deal…
I also am offering cash for a used premade happ stick…


This should’ve ended the discussion no?
If you want a stick you contact one of those.

Now granted you’re looking for a premade, so your best bet is to look through sales thread for one that might pop up because pre-mades never stay for sale for very long.

And James: quit harrassing kids for their lunch money.


The people who make sticks want straight up cash =P
I’m trying to lighten the load and I kinda want the stick before the
no one has any premade customs for sell right now…


Heres one thats been sitting awhile


check it out