WTB: A Custom Joystick ps1 DS pcb

Hello, everyone, Im looking to buy a new or used Custom Joystick with a ps1 DS pcb, the seller must be willing to change the picture overlay (if i like the pic its ok). Also, no plastic cases, i want a custom from one of shoryuken’s joystick builders.

I dont buy the stick directly from one of the SK joystick builders, because they are all full and not taking orders at the time. (the only one available is Jaxel, ive been emailing him but no replys :sad:)

Seller please PM me with pictures of the stick, and the amount you are willing to sell it for, Good FEEDBACK IS A MUST i already been ripped off by one guy from this forum.

Im Paypal ready , and i need delivery confirmation.

(for the guy that i already made the offer; I still want that namco stick)


Ugh. Seriously, that sucks you got ripped off man. I hope you left a HUGE negative feedback on them.

Just curious but how did you get ripped off?

I got ripped of by Virtualfighterclub, he was selling a SFAC stick for $100, and i paid him $150, (because i wanted him to mod it with a ps1 ds and a new overlay pic) so when i sent him the full payment ($150) he stopped answering my emails, so i contacted Paypal and Filed a claim against him, and this is what he said about the claim: There was no item to be shipped, the payment was for a service, and i dont even know what he is talking about, i think im being ripped off.

when i read that, i was laughing, i was like: dude, let me refresh your memory and then i put a link to all the emails and pictures and even the Paypal receips that i had.

And when paypal saw my Post they closed the case and refunded my money back. Also Thanks to Shoo, and Ephidel for closing the thread that he made, from where i took some pictures of the stick to show paypal.

and Imitrex, no i havent left A Very Bad feedback for him, yet but i will.

just look at his weird ass art work dude seems shady.

Ugh fuck buying sticks online then. I’m scared.

^ Don’t be scared just be careful.

ETOTHENG, sent you a PM


Dont be scared, if the seller has a good feedback everything is good, that happened to me because i didnt check his feedback. and also try to get your stuff done before 45 days, so u still under paypal money back guarantee.

There are definitely some honest people on here that make sticks. I promise. :smile: