WTB : A few gaming accessories for ps3 & 360


Here’s what I need… And only these things.

Official Xbox 360 60gb hard drive
Xbox 360 data transfer cable
Official Xbox 360 wireless controller. Any color but pink is ok. Must have rechargeable battery and charge cable
Xbox 360 chat keyboard pad
ps3 chat keyboard pad

That’s about it. I have a few joysticks and buttons I could trade if people care, but I also have that money thing that everyone likes so much. Local sellers, people I’ve done business with in the past and people with good feedback ratings will get priority. Thanks a lot.


I have…
X360 60gb Hard Drive
X360 Hard Drive transfer Cable
X360 White Controller with play 'n Charge kit

and we have the Chat pad used at my Work… $15 (this for sure would have to be cash)

I ship FedEx with tracking… let know what you interested in.

Let me know more about what you have to trade and we will see what we can work out.


I have a modded hrap1 / t5 stick. Works with ps1, ps2, ps3 (with a convertor), 360 and pc. I also have a dual modded Voltech stick, but that worth a bit more. I also have a good amount of Sanwa buttons all in good shape. What are the condition of your items btw? Especially the hard drive…

EDIT : Now that I think about it, I think I should buy the hard drive new unless you’re going to sell it hella cheap. That’s a big risk for me buying that used.


I have a brand new 360 120GB drive from my Elite that I never used. Send me a pm with an offer if interested.


There all in good shape…
Hard drive has only about 2 months of uses… It was on my girlfriends 360 till I upgraded to the 250gb and gave her my 120gb.
Transfer cable… only used 3 times.
X360 controller is fairly good shape as well.
I will post some pics when I get home.

Can you post pics of the t5 stick?
and what colors do you have in the Sanwa Buttons?


Here are the pics…



made sure you could see that they are all Microsoft brand.

Hit me up with the pics of your stuff then we can talk trade/price.




I will of course remove the plexi and artwork since my name is etched into it and because you may not like Wu-Tang as much as I do lol. I can also replace the buttons if you want a color that I have. I have a set of (6) blue, white and dark hai buttons that I could throw in there. Let me know what you wanna do if anything.


Wow I like that stick. Is that the stock t5 stick there or did you replace it? Sure you want to keep graphics and plexi? I kind of like it? How would u feel about stick as it is pictured and a extra set of the dark sanwa buttons you have for all my stuff and I cover shipping via fedex with tracking for both of are stuff?

Let me know what you think

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That Wu-stick goes TOOOO fuckin hard. Real talk, you just inspired me, ima put the WU symbol on the bottom of my next stick.


by the way… I was looking at your imageshake… do you happen to still have that red Bat top and the Blue bubble top that is in this pic?


And this Tekken Tag stick is pimp…



The T5 is all Sanwa. I still have the bat top. I think I’d be down for the trade if you are willing to send first. I have a ton of feedback buying, selling and trading, while you only have 2, none of which from doing sales here. I understand if you don’t want to do it, but it’ll be worth your while if you do. This trade is in your favor. Let me know.


Yeah I’m ok with ship first. You have a good rep on here, so I’m ok with that. But I prefer shipping our stuff with FedEx because of Tracking and Insurance. I have had bad luck with post office out here. I have a account with them so I would just send you the label to ship your stick with the stuff I send you.

So to make sure we are all on the same page…

I provide…
X360 60gb Hard Drive
X360 Hard Drive transfer Cable
X360 White Controller with play 'n Charge kit
X360 Chat pad
And I ship FedEx with tracking mine and your Items…

You Provide…
T5 Stick (As Pictured complete)
Extra Sanwa dark hai buttons
Sanwa Bat Top (and does that have the Sanwa Adapter to fit JLF?)

Does that sound right?


Yup. Sounds about right. There is a FedEx office here that is open 24 hours Monday through Thursday. So shipping FedEx would actually be easier for me.

BTW, I did that mod myself (except the art) so if you or anyone else is looking for similar work, let me know. :wink: lol


Hey man, I get the Hard Drive on my own. I’ll let you know. If so, maybe we can still work something out.


Well let me know. I have everything already packed and ready to take to FedEx on monday.

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Ok dude. We’ll do the trade as is. I will PM you my shipping address.


Your stuff has be delivered :slight_smile:

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Yes. I just got it. I had to go pick it up. The address I had you mail to was my sisters place because people like to sell shit at my place.

I want to do some minor work on the stick to make sure everything is ok. I’ll probably ship it Friday. Thanks again for everything.


Kool keep me posted…


I did what I wanted to do to it tonight and I played with it on ps3 and 360 and everything works perfect. I’m confident in giving you the stick how it is. You will be happy. I will try to ship it tomorrow. I already boxed it up.