Wtb: A New Custome Stick

I currently using a MAS right now, but lately it’s been pretty shitty. I want the best available parts (you know what they are) for my new stick dont really care for art work, but it would be nice. I like the size of the MAS if possible same size plz.

Edit- ps2 and dc port


http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=131127 - This thread lists most of the custom builders and if you want a custom stick, you should go into one of their threads and contact them about it.

Or you can just scroll down and browse through a few and you’ll see lots of threads by some of the newer stick builders that aren’t on that list yet.

EDIT: Damn, Kurumster beat me to it.

Just change out the parts on your MAS stick.

Yea its a waste if you already have a stick. Just change the parts and mod it up. And besides most people on here mostly make jap stick…and if that what you want, you can alway trade for one of those.