WTB: A piece of sheet metal or aluminum


I need a 6.5" x 12.25" piece of sheet metal or aluminum. Is this something anyone here can source out or has the ability to do. It’s for a bottom to my custom stick. I’ve tried using lexan and haven’t been happy with the results so far. If I could get any input or any help it would be much appreciated and I would compensate for any materials sold. Thanks!


I know this may be a dumb response but have you checked at your local small hardware store not lowes or home depot a lot of times they will custom cut you a sheet in the store


My OSH does that.


I did try but they wouldn’t cut it for me. I ended up getting one and cutting it but I feel that it probably isn’t up to snuff. I know that there are people here that could definitely do a better job than me. (it was my first time) I definitely appreciate all the help I have received. Thanks a ton guys! It’s funny, besides aggrastat, it’s been mostly '09’ers who want to help. I wonder why that is…


Because generally newbie’s are nice so they won’t get shunned by a community. Some people can accept people being jerks, but otherwise, that isn’t the greatest first impression, lol.

I looked here because I’ve been hunting down a metal sheet myself, I’ll see if my home depot aren’t dicks about it.


Lol, this is true. Regardless of how long I’ve been around though, I try to treat people with respect until people are disrepsectful. Nice to meet you Mr. Gay. BTW your sig is fuckin awesome!


also just wondering if you have checked a local metal Fab shop I know here Norfolk there are quite a few. you could check the yellow pages one of them would be able to help you and I’m sure it would save you the hassle of having to get it shipped and you could make sure it would exactly what you wanted… just trying to throw you some ideas bro


Thanks for the help. I will definitely give it a shot. I tried getting a piece from aco hardware and cutting it myself and it didn’t turn out so hot.



they will custom cut pieces for you, but they aren’t perfectly accurate. i bought 10 pieces of 16 gauge steel cut to 6" x 12" and they are all just a little off in different ways (~1/16" give or take)