WTB: A PS2/PC Arcade Stick

I’ll willing to pay a maximum of $70 after shipping. Show me what you got in my price range, please. If anything. :wonder:

Edit - I forgot to mention I live in Canada.

i have one VERY similar to this

mine doesnt have whatever that is on the top left, i guess its a sticker or something. it only has start and select, no extra 3rd button, not sure what that one is in that pic.

i replaced the stick in mine so it isnt that generic pelican stick, also the face of mine has alot less goofy looking colors, it more just black and clean looking.

i live in 40218, never shipped to canada before, but 70 shipped might work, if your interested, give me the address you want it shipped to so i can get a quote

what is the joystick on yours. HAPP?

not sure what brand it is but i know its not happ, but it works great tho