WTB: A spring that will fit Sanwa JLF on a TE


I sold my SE modded with Sanwa that had two springs and I loved the tension, I used the spring from the craptastic Madcatz joystick.

Well after selling my SE I ended up ordering a TE and will want the same tension with a second spring.

I have no damn clue which store is actually open with all this mess so I was wondering if someone on here had an extra spring to sell me that would work on a TE Sanwa JLF.



i picked up some springs from a local hobby shop. i think they were for some rc cars or something.


Hmm I have a few hobby shops around, any idea the size or should I just bring the one from my stick in?


i just brought my spring in. they had springs with different compression rates on them, so i just bought a couple to try out. i think the type of spring was for the spring/shock assembly of an rc truck.


ls-32, ls-33 or JLF springs will work…

if you want to find something local, take out the spring and go find a home depot or lowes and find one the same size with similar tension or a hair stiffer. It can’t really be too much longer or it won’t fit in…


Cool thanks.