WTB: A Stick (360)

I’m relatively new to the “stick scene” but have been doing lots of research, reading about modding, differences between parts, etc.

So, now I think I should go and buy a stick. I would’ve TACKLED that $30 brawl stick deal from Gamestop but, sadly, there aren’t any within 100 miles of me (and there aren’t any stores that have any in stock). And Craigslist has had a complete DEARTH of fightsticks in my area (Arizona), other than someone who’s trying to sell his TE for $150.

I’m mostly looking for something inexpensive to just get my feet wet. I figure I can mod most anything that I come across. Thanks everyone!


Anyone have something that I could eventually dual-mod (maybe an SE?)? I’d like that option to be available to me, even if it’s just a vanilla stick. :slight_smile: