WTB Agetec plexi/panel

Hey i currently have AJtheMishima doing an Agetec Mod for me and I am interested in buying a plexi or custom panel that will either fit neatly above the metal plate or replace it completely…if anyone has made one for their own agetec and would be willing to make one for $ plz contact me…also if people that have done agetec mods and have found a solution with using these methods let me know…thanks in advance

this is one of those things i was hoping Arthong would do eventually. although there doesnt seem to be a huge market for it. so far all the agetec plexi’s ive seen have been self cut.

good luck though, ill take a couple if someone is laser cutting them :slight_smile:

Another thing you guys have to think about is mounting height. The plexi cant be too thick or it wont be at proper height. The LS56 sits at 23 mm as of now. 23-24 mm is ideal

This is an example of what Im looking for

that’s a good looking stick. good luck, hopefully someone will make one

That stick looks good you is there a way to ask him on that site?

if you can trace or draw the image into corel draw you can have it cut by this company they are very professional and helpful

Hey Badguy I appreciate the link Ill see what they they can do for me

I actually need help in this department as well : /

Trying to find some suitable artwork and customize my Agetec Stick i lug around everywhere I go.

Bump. I need some help here also. I’ve got my Agetec all modded but the VMU slot isn’t working for me. I’d be satisfied with just a panel, if anyone knows where I could get one.

As of right now waiting on Art because someone is supposed to have sent him an agetec for him to make a template and also waiting to here from Doomy who is a person overseas who has begun making plexis…