WTB: Agetec Stick (DC)


Good day, I’ve recently grown tired of forgetting my DC converters whenever I may bring my DC around, so I figure a DC stick would be a good move. Name your price, and we’ll go from there.

Drop me a PM or message me on MSN.


i r stoopidz


lmao, you have the best avator!


wait i misread this whole thing. someone please neg me for being stupid.


The “Sanwa modded” bit was a tad much, I’d greatly appreciate any Agetec that’s in good working condition.


Actually, I as well am curious as to whether anyone has a DC Agetec Stick for sale.
For all Original Parts, I’ll buy for the original retail price. (Was it 40$? Or 50$?)

For Sanwa parts replacements, I’ll buy it only if the new components are clear/solid blue plastics and not a square gated stick. For that, I am not certain what the added parts will make it worth…