WTB: AkiShop PS360 PCB

Looking for a new/unused AkiShop PS360 PCB, hit me up with an offer!

actually me too if anyone has any spares :wink:

Good Luck to both of you. I have been trying to get one for two months and finally had to settle for a CHimp and a soldering iron.

How much do they go for?
i have one that am not planing to use

just open an auction n start bids at $70. supply n demand says it should end at 90+

I’ll send a PM once I get home, please wait for me. =)

I got one id sell for 70 + shipping if you still need one.

sorry bro, no international shipping

i’m looking for one as well, not sure if i’m willing to spend 70+ lol

I actually spend $70 for 1 about a month ago, if I had more I probably would not sell them just yet, we don’t even know if akihabara will make more, even though they have mentioned to expect a release for September, I would not be surprise if they take longer to release them.

Just learn to solder and get a paewang…

It’s not very hard. I’ve got super shakey hands from years of drugs and I can do it.

The new PS360+'s Should be out in a month or two ( I’m totally guessing on the release date), but if its got an RJ45 and no USB it might deter truly entry level modders.

I have a spare PS360, but I’m gonna want a pretty penny for it.
Let me know. (but you would be better off ordering a pre-soldered set or doing it yourself with a kitty or something for what I’m gonna ask…)