WTB: All white Asian Tournament Edition

If anyone has any of these in great condition with box and everything original, please let me know.

After the gameshark store sell this weekend, I own every TE but this one. I need it for my collection.

Thanks guys.

bump. Nobody?

I haven’t seen anyone on this Forum show that they have one. :sad:
And the only one available right now is for Xbox 360.
Don’t know why PlayStation 3 not yet.


They’ve got them. That’s actually a good deal cheaper than Amazon Japan. They want 180USD for it there, plus the fees for the proxy buyer.

yea i thought about that, but the shipping is 45 bucks, so i was trying to find one here. I guess Ill have to settle for that.

wow i didnt know such a thing even existed

that is 1 sexy te