WTB Aluminium 35mm balltop - don't care what colour


I need a 35mm aluminium balltop if anyone has one. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.


do you need one of these? i have a slightly use purple one. 20 shipped to you in Britain


As tempting as they are, I really need a balltop. Thanks for the offer though :slight_smile:


oh, i thought they were the same thing. cool


Sorry to hijack, but Chuu, those look amazing. Do you only have the purple one or do you have all 3 from that pic?

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Sells metallic balltops they are located in Australia. Maybe email them?


That’s pretty cool! I’d be down to get a couple but too bad he/she only ships to Australia & New Zealand (it says so in the FAQ).


Im not even sure if they are plastic or aluminium. Just going to drop them an email to find out.


Oops, I just assumed it was since the description said, “Heavy and solid to the feel”.


Arcadeshop.de use to carry some but it looks like they stopped. You should contact him it was most likely something produced locally in Germany. I can’t remember the size he carried I wanted to powder coat some but they may have been bigger the 35mm. If you do happen to find some smaller than 35mm they can always be layered to the proper mm with powder coating much better than standard paint.


Thanks for the suggestion. I believe I was the person who bought the last aluminium balltop from arcadeshop.de and as you said they aren’t going to restock them.

When I ordered the last one he threw in a smaller aluminium
balltop (18mm diam) but I’m sure you would need to give it 30 layers of powder coating. :slight_smile:


Have you asked them were they had them made?


This is the best sort of thing I’ve been able to find: http://www.usball.com/modified_balls/default.html

If you have the means to drill straight holes into the metal (I do!), you can always pop in a bat top adapter