WTB: American style arcade stick / Sanwa pushbuttons

I am looking for a case, or a complete stick. It can be Ps2 or Ps3, at this point it doesn’t really matter. Even if it’s an unfinished case, i am semi interested lol.

Arcade-In-A-Box, LLC

What is your price point?

For an empty case i am looking at spending a max of around 50 bucks. for a complete ps2 one maybe around 100? I don’t know how much Happ style stick cases even go for lol.

If you’re looking for just the straight layout, you can rewire the madcatz TE to use right 6 buttons only.

I need a HAPP style stick on the left side tho :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a SF AE stick?

you have one for trade or sell?

This. <3

$100 for a happ style stick is possible, but not easy. 6 button or 8 button?

Honestly if i got a case, then the rest is gravy, i have hook ups on pcb’s and parts.

will you be interested in this one

$65.00 shipped OBO

ibeatu has a MAS stick PS1/Neo Geo over at This Thread

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but it looks like i found one locally. I will let you know if the deal falls through.