WTB: American style jotstick for the PS3


did my looking on the forums before posting this thread,
found nothing that can satisfy my need.

looking for an american joystick that would work for the PS3.
not looking for ps2 joysticks using ps3 converters, nah not cutting it.

i have the street fighter anniversary edition with the ps2 to ps3 converter…
and its horrible!

also got the SFIV TE sticks… not digging the square gate.

someone point me to the right direction of where i can go buy one or someone selling one.

thnx in advance.


MAS Systems http://www.massystems.com/

They’re located in Westminster, CA. I had friends buy from them a few years back and they were decent american style sticks. I’m not sure if they’re even around or if they make ps3 sticks but i would try them if you’re interested.

Another option would be to mod your SFAC with a cthulhu board, which would be pretty easy IMO.

Or build your own.


Yeah it would be very easy to mod the SFAC as iheardthat mentioned. Just a Cthulhu PCB , oh also you can change the stock pieces that came along with your SFAC if it is not the Happ edition. And you would have a sexy stick that is 100% compatible with ps3 and also pc as well.

Or you can just arrange yourself a case and then build your own stick with your own button and artwork layout. With a Happ iL eurostick, cthulhu pcb and some comp pushbuttons from along with some quick disconnects it took me 2-3 hours (excluding the time i spent making the case previously) to make my own stick. Just waiting for the plexiglass so that i can put the artwork as well then to post in SRK.


the cthulhu board it is!



Just curious what makes the SFAE w/converter horrible? Works flawless w/ pelican converter…What converter you using?


If you can stand the wait, you can get a PS3 HAPP/IL joystick from Arcade in the Box.


or you can get someone to custom make it in the trading forums



I’m also curious as to why the SFAC is horrible with ps2 converter. I use a converter with mine and it works flawlessly.


there’s only two problems that the converter is giving me…
I bought the converters from fry’s for 15 bucks

  • it’s always on turbo, so i can correctly use the focus attack.
  • I have two SFAE and I can only use 1 slot for it to work correctly
    if i plugin two usb’s it wont register the the roundhouse and fierce and it glitches when im trying to crouch… it wont stay in crouch mode.


well what about putting one of these sticks in your street fighter te stick with a round gate.

LS-32-01 Seimitsu joystick with this Round Main Guide for LS-32(-01)

http://akihabarashop.jp/developments/index.php?cPath=108&osCsid=bbb195c38b5c45fe460a379356175c9e scroll down for the gate.

http://akihabarashop.jp/developments/index.php?cPath=107&osCsid=bbb195c38b5c45fe460a379356175c9e joystick

If you want to get rid of your street fighter te stick I will buy it from you.Let me know


I bought my converter from fry’s too but it’s not the $15 one. It’s the $20 HVG2 2 player ps2-usb one. It looks like a blue triangle you should give it a try.


Looks like you need a new converter not a new stick IMO…

Can you connect two controllers on that? Is it compatible with T5/HRAP sticks?


you just need a new converter. get a inpin. it works great


you posting in the wrong forum… probably 09 trying to bypass the rules



Yes there’s two ports to plug in controllers. I have no idea if it’s compatible with those sticks.


I thought the inpin wasn’t compatible


Save your money(its a recession), you could still use your SFAC stick with this $20 adapter

Input Lag Test
Results **Street Fighter 15th Anniversary stick by Nubytech+TAC PS2 to PS3 adapter **Results
[CENTER]100% original retail parts(unmodded)


I conducted this test 5 times on one of the 5 tests, I got 0 ms input lag.

This is the highest input lag in all those tests…

Keyboard-Arcade Stick=Total input lag

Keyboard input lag
6.39 ms

Arcade Stick input lag
6.11 ms

Total input lag=0.28 ms

Before getting this adapter…
Open up your SFAC stick, make sure the built in pcb is yellow not green, I heard the green pcbs have issues with adapters.