WTB: an LS-56

I’m looking to pick up an LS-56 or 2. Preferably the LS-56-1 variety. I have JLFs and an LS-32 that I may be willing to trade but I’d prefer to buy. It needs to have a dust washer and preferably an MS mounting plate.

Edit: Just looking to buy now.

I’ve got my trade going, so I’m just looking to buy now. Thread title has been edited accordingly.

you should check gamingnow.net, you can probably pick one up for 25 bucks shipped.

shipped and delivered

nice, i ordered an ls-56-01 and some buttons last week, hope they get here soon. wish he hadn’t run out of ls-40-01…i prefer it to the 56, it’s not as precise as the ls56, so it lets you get away with way more mistakes.