WTB: Any decent fighstick for PS3


Hi, just starting out with trying sticks. I’m looking for anyone willing to sell a decent and relatively unused fightstick on PS3! Thank you.


There are some good deals here in the TO right now. There’s an HRAP3:SA for $100 shipped. It’s all-Sanwa out of the box & brand new too. You may want to give a budget & your location. Good luck! :tup:


any tournement sticks on ebay will do. gud luck trying to find a decent priced one




PS3 Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fightstick and SSF4 - eBay (item 120681676618 end time Feb-13-11 17:00:05 PST)

I am selling that, and would PM you, but can’t even do that here =(


I have a one of kind Byrdo wired for ps3, all sanwa with new never used buttons. I like to look at it but don’t play ps3. $200 shipped.