WTB Any High End Production Case!

Looking to buy a Hori VLX case, bare case with no buttons or joystick is completely fine. From the Bay Area, CA, but I’m willing to pay for shipping if necessary. Please let me know; if you have an extra case lying around I’ll gladly take it off your hands!

EDIT: I realize that finding a VLX case is pretty close to impossible, so if anyone has another high end empty case they’re looking to get rid of (eTokki stick, TE-S, HRAP Series, etc), please let me know.

Good luck finding one b/c I’ve never seen a barebones VLX case for sale ever. Even a brand new one’s hard to find nowadays (from vendors that is).

Bump for a lost cause? Lol

Bump for edit.

you want that high end get a B15SDM custom…

Is my wording that misleading? I gave examples in my edit as for what type of case I’m looking for. Basically no budget cases like the EX2 or SE.

I’m just saying if you are willing to spend the money on high end blanks a B15sdm is a great alternative… especially if you want a VLX type look…

Lol thanks for the suggestion. If anything, I was debating on a Voltech case O.O

I have an HRAP1 case, its painted orange, and has plexi and Kingdom Hearts art… I’ll gut it and sell it for for $50+ shipping if ur interested

http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg442/scaled.php?server=442&filename=img20100820190038.jpg&res=medium I can sell you the case above the vlx,It is a custom with a real vewlix arcade panel. 400$ plus shipping make those lame ass vlx look puny!!!

@Kid Kaos, Thanks for the offer, but doesn’t sound like my cup of tea lol.

@zenblaster, That… is amazing. But miles above my price range. Thanks though!

Hey zenblaster, how bout some more info on that case, PM me pls, I might be interested in that since im unloading afew of my sticks.

I have some pm’s for my HRAP1 but if a sale doesn’t go through i’m willing to split it apart and sell the case.

its black body with gunmetal top (pics in my thread). 50+ ship.

Sorry if I didn’t reply to everyone yet, have been busy as of late. I’m currently trying to work out a deal between another local guy for a case, but I’m not sure if it’ll go through. To everyone who PM’d me, I’ll let you guys know if I’m down to make a purchase by the weekend if that’s cool.

found this today and thought of this thread http://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-case-VL-DIY-Acrade-fighting-stick-fightstick-street-fighter-IV-/220925905993?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item79162304cf

Wow thanks man! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I was able to get track down a VSHG case from a friend locally. Pending still, so I’ll definitely keep you suggestion in mind.