WTB any hrap working or broken

price + shipping to sweden

prefer a white one but hey who cares… must have the hrap3 button layout, astro city :slight_smile:

must be: ps2 or ps3

or emty box etc :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm okej…

any hrap then with astro layout… xbox, ps3 etc :open_mouth:

:frowning: ?


I have a brand new HRAP 3 I guess I really do not need anymore. I’ll charge $100 USD for it, but shipping to Sweden will be like $80 USD. It’s up to you…

no… thx, there is a reason why im asking for old and busted ones…
if i wanted a brand new one i would just buy it of amazon or play-asia

trying to get one a bit cheaper :frowning:

thx anyway…

last bump, then i give up hehe :slight_smile:

gah okej this is the last one i promis :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an HRAP2, and HRAP2:SA set if you want them [they’re white]. The only thing is, is that I hot glued a DB-15 connector in the front. I can give you 75 for both + shipping. PM me if you need any pics or more info.